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The importance of registration in Brazilian agriculture

Agricultural products need to be registered for safety in their use. To do so, we facilitate the work of your company, carrying out the entire process with the public agencies.

The registration of agricultural product results in safety for the use of the products in the crops for the indicated crop and pest, as well as tranquility for the applicators, provided that the Individual Protection Equipment provided in the label is used.

Due to the complexity and costs involved in registering an agricultural product, ranging from laboratory testing to field testing, it is rare to find companies that do not take the issue seriously, not least because current legislation is very strict.

Registration implies the certainty that there was a prior assessment of human health and applicators, soil contamination and water, as well as the agronomic effectiveness of the product.

In this way, registration is the guarantee and security for its quiet use, with the certainty that someone has invested a lot of time and resources for the product to reach the market.

Bracci & Avila specializes in product registration and enables your company to obtain all these benefits in a practical and fast way without worrying about bureaucratic issues.

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