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With Bracci & Avila you have full assistance for the registration of fertilizing products


The registration of fertilizer products is carried out in the Superintendence of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply - MAPA of the State that is located the Establishment.

Fertilizer products seek to improve and strengthen crop growth without directly combating pests or fungi.

The trade, manufacture or storage of Fertilizers, Corrective, Inoculants and Biofertilizers depend on a previous registration of the establishment, which analyzes the conditions to be exercised in the respective activity.

Bracci & Avila assists you in this whole process, according to the Brazilian legislation.

The legislation that governs this matter is Decree 4.954 / 2004, Decree 8.059 / 13, Decree 8.384 / 14 and Normative Instruction No. 53/2013.