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The agrochemical products help to combat pests which attack the agricultural crops in rural areas as well as to control them.

In order to make good use of agricultural crops in rural areas, it is necessary to control and combat pests that damage plantations. Being that crops are the products planted and the target is the pest that attacks the crop.

Bracci & Avila contributes to this work to be done successfully throughout the viability of the registration of agrochemical products.

The agrochemicals are ruled by the Law 7.802/89 and by the decree 4.074/02. Given that it is defined:

Products and agents of physical, chemical or biological processes intended to be used in the production, storage and processing of agricultural products, in pastures, in the protection of forests, native or planted, and other ecosystems and urban, water environments and industrial purposes which are aimed at changing the composition of the flora or fauna in order to protect them from the harmful action of living beings considered harmful, as well as the substances and products used as defoliants, desiccants, stimulators and growth inhibitors.