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assistance to licenses and authorizations for the regular functioning of companies


According to the activity of the Establishment, permits and authorizations of public agencies are required for its regular operation. The obligations increase or decrease according to the Municipality or the State.

Usually a company, to function properly, needs:

  1. Contract and Corporate Purpose, as well as CNAE in the Federal Revenue consistent with the activity;
  2. A Registered Technical Officer in the respective Regional Council;
  3. Licenses relating to the building:
  4. Inspection Body of the Fire Department – AVCB;
  5. Municipal Operation License;
  6. Land Use Certificate;
  7. Registration and IPTU of the property;
  8. Certificate of water box cleaning, control, and pest control;
  9. Environmental License;
  10. Meet the Regulatory Standards, have a CIPA, register of SESMET;
  11. Present the Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannual and Annual Reports according to the body;
  12. Registration of Establishment in MAPA, ANVISA, IBAMA, State;
  13. License and certificates to working with controlled products of Federal, Civil and Army Police;
  14. Wells and water quality reports;
  15. Sanitary license (Ambulatory, ambulance, restaurant, water).

With such documents, it is possible to have control of deadlines and maturities so as not to lose renewals and work illegally. It is important that at each change, inform the competent body.