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We regulate controlled chemicals, as each authorizing body


Chemicals at risk of being used in chemical weapons or drug manufacturing need authorization in the Army, Federal Police and/or Civil Police.

Chemicals controlled by the Army, Civil and Federal Police aim to ease eventual problems and misuse of use for illicit purposes since many of the products can be used as precursors for chemical weapons, synthetic drugs, and narcotics.

Each supervisory body has legislation and a list of such products.

The Brazilian Army controls the products through Decree 10.030/19.

The Federal Police, through Ordinance 1,274 / 03, supervises the controlled products. In August 2016, new procedures were implemented through PORTIRA Nº 240/19.

The Civil Police has state legislation for each state. In the State of São Paulo, we have Decree 6911/35, Ordinance, Ordinance DPC 3/2008, Ordinance 27/2013.