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Training for your company for product registration and regulation

Bracci & Avila takes care of health permits from start to finish with the support of professionals from different areas.

The health license or operating license is one of the names used to refer to the authorization of the Municipal, State or Federal Health Surveillance to exercise its activities to manufacture, import or distribute, Sell Products in Retail and provide services related to health.

Each State and Municipality has its own rules for disciplining the matter. In the State of São Paulo, CVS 1/2019.

We also work at ANVISA – National Health Agency to obtain the AFE (Authorization for the Operation of a Company).

We offer an integrated and complete solution to enable the company to sell products or provide services.

We started our work on the writing of the corporate purpose, indication of the correct CNAE, suggestion of places to develop the activity, document evaluation, preparation and review of POP (Standard Operating Procedure) and manuals, guidance on the inspection carried out by the health surveillance until the issuance of the Conclusive Satisfactory Report.

The Conclusive Satisfactory report is an essential document for obtaining the EFA. The absence can generate rejection and loss of the amount paid in the fee. We always recommend that you adjust the size of the company to pay the fair value according to the company’s billing.

Your process has been dismissed or there are requirements that you are having difficulty meeting, please contact us.

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